Frysteen Design+Print specialises in: Graphic Design, Printing, Website Design, Websites, Business Cards, Promotional Cards, Flyers, Stationery, Posters, Booklets, Swing Tags and much much more!

Frysteen Design+Print is an Australian owned and run company created by Sam Frysteen that strives to make ordering Graphic Design, Websites and Printing the easiest process it can be, with the quality and results you expect. Noosa Heads » Sunshine Coast » Queensland » Australia

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Sam Frysteen

Sam is the owner and head designer at Frysteen Design+Print.

Sam has beautiful daughter, Jinx, and currently lives in Noosa Heads, Qld.

He has a deep passion for learning and expanding on his creative skills. Sam has been in the design industry for over 22 years and over that time he has been devoted to improving his skills as a designer, boss to his staff and friend to his clients.

His current area of interest is squarely focused on web design. Sam has had many years of experience in hand coding websites using technologies such as HTML, CSS, Coldfusion and MySQL, but has recently opened his world the the power and scalability of PHP and Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress and Joomla.

With his vast knowledge of the backend and inner workings of web design, it has been a fascination transition from hand coding to using systems that have been designed by others, and yet still being able to give everything he works on his personal touch and customisation.

Sam's other true passion is his photography. He has been developing (pardon the pun) his photography skills over the past 8 years and can now quite comfortably walk in to any situation and be able to capture the moments and share what he sees though his eyes with the world (sounds a bit scary really).

Being a DJ is what lead Sam to becoming a designer. He always designed his own passes and promotional material and can use his in-depth knowledge of the nightclub industry to his advantage at Frysteen Design+Print as we have many clients from that sector.

Sam has over 25 years experience in DJing in many various nightclubs in both Victoria and Queensland and his music speciality is RETRO as he has a keen love for 80's and New Romantic music.